Dreads / Locs

I started doing dreads in 2000.  A friend and I backcombed and twisted people’s hair into ropes and wrapped them with hairwraps.  This method has evolved over the past 20 years into a combination of many diverse methods that can work with any and all hair textures.  I too have evolved and now work on all hair textures, locs and otherwise.

It’s a myth that dreads/locs do not need to be washed.  They are actually very clean.  Tea Tree and Clarifying shampoos are great for washing dreads and locs.  Oils and salves are great for nourishment and moisture.  There are a lot of nice sprays for your scalp, and there are many many products on the market these days for deep cleaning and anything else you can imagine.

Mature dreadlocks pictured above.

Here is a picture of how they look when freshly done.

I put these in using a comb and my hands — no wax!!
Interlock, Crochet, Instant Loc

What are they and what’s the difference?

These are all different methods that I use to install and tighten Locs.  They are all strong and use hooks.  They all work.  And yes all of these methods can be done safely on different hair textures to install and tighten dreads/locs.

Interlock generally uses a large hook and is used for bulky work on new growth.  If done with care, it will not cause damage to the hair or the loc.  Because this method is so effective and strong, if it is done incorrectly, the locs will split or have other issues.  Have no fear.  I am very careful and thoughtful of how I use this larger hook with hair.  Your locks are not only attached to you, they are also an investment, and I will be careful with them.  Many clients at the salon have been using interlock for over 10 years.

Instant Loc and Crochet are both methods that use a tiny crochet hook.  One method goes through the loc, and the other goes around the loc.  Both methods are used to tighten and repair locs.  They can also be used to attach extensions, depending on the extension.  Both methods are safe if done properly.  Both methods can damage the hair if done wrong.  Again, I am very careful when using these methods on dreads and locs.  I will not damage your hair.  I do this all day and stand by my work.  You will be pleased and pleasantly surprised at how great your new or tightened locs can look with these methods.

I quite often use a combination of these methods unless someone requests otherwise.  I will not do anything to your hair without your permission.

veronica marie_5829 - Version 2

Palm Rolling is a very popular method for locking hair that works best on kinky hair.  You can see the hair spiraling evenly down the entire loc.  A very smooth look.

New twisted locs pictured above^^

Retwist and protective styles on rolled locs

A retwist appt will consist of having your locs washed and retwisted.  I use many different gels in the salon and try to make my own whenever possible.  I like to use Knotty Boy aloe and lime based gel as a base for many of my concoctions.  I really like using shea nut oil and flax seeds.  Castor oil, rose water, Jojoba oil.  There are so many things we can use.  If you have a preference, please let me know, and I will make sure I have it made for you.  It’s something I love to do.  I’d sell them except they have no shelf-life!  If you need a few repairs here and there, we can do those while you’re in.  I can combine, separate, extend, attach, and repair locks.  If you have a lot you will need done in addition to the regular retwisting, please let me know, so we can be sure to have the extra time for your appointment.  If you’d like a certain protective style for your locks, we can do that as well.  If it’s something very specific, complicated, or time consuming, please let me know ahead of time, so I can be prepared.  I have some pictures of protective styles posted on this webpage and on social media.  Just let me know if you’d like to see more.

Dreadlock, Interlock, and Palm-Rolled Extensions
At the salon, we do all kinds of extensions for dreads and locs.  We only use top quality human hair. We prefer to get the hair ourselves because the salon is able to get exactly what we need at a reasonable price.  A consultation is required for dreads extensions.  At this time, we will talk about what you want and the type and amount of hair we will need.  We require a deposit at this time to pay for the hair.

The possibilities are endless with hair extensions.  If you have questions about extensions please contact us:

Talk/Text 734-277-1449

email [email protected]

**If you’re looking for Fusion Extensions, we offer SoCap Fusions**

Palm Roll Extensions using Premium Human Hair
Interlock Style Dreadlock Extensions w Human Hair

Coloring Dreads / Locs**
Adding color to your dreads or locs is a lot of fun.  You can choose natural colors, highlights, or bright colors.  I also like doing gradated color on locs.  The possibilities are endless!

Mermaid Dreads!

A note to all of the natural free-form dreads out there.  I love free-form dreads and have had them myself.  I occasionally hear someone say that a salon goes against what natural dreads are about.  On the contrary, I am here to help you and support your decision to leave your dreads natural.  If you ever need some help or advice with an issue or just a good wash, please get in touch! 734-277-1449 talk or text.

Love your Dreads!

**I use the terms “dreads” and “locks/locs” interchangeably. People usually call twisted hair locs and interlocked hair either dreads, locs, or dreadlocks.  There’s a lot of history with the word “dread.”  It means very little to some and is highly offensive to others.  Let’s all try to be respectful of each other.  And if I ever say or do something that offends you, please let me know.