Curly Hair

Curly hair is shaped different than smooth straight hair.  It’s follicles are flat which causes it’s curly shape and different texture.  Curly hair is naturally dry and usually fragile.  With proper maintenance and nourishment, curls and kinks can be shiny and bouncy and shaped to many different hairstyles without using hot irons.

Beautiful curly hair starts with healthy curls.  I use Original Moxie products in the salon because they are all natural, locally made, and they’re very good for textured hair.  Your hair needs nourishment with vitamins, moisture, and protein.  Avoid sulphates and petroleum completely.  Wash your hair as little as possible.  If your curls need to be reset, you can just wet them or skip the shampoo and use a moisturizing conditioner in its place.  Some women have actually eliminated shampoo all together and love the results!  Please come in or call for a consultation, and I can explain this in more detail.

Stylish and professional looking curly hair comes with the proper cut.  I cut curly hair visually as well as technically.  I do most of the cut dry and without a comb.  This way your curls are cut as they naturally lay down.  You will not have to style your hair with an iron or blow dryer once your curls have been cut to be curly!!!!

When you come for a curly hair appointment you can expect to have your hair initially shaped dry, as it lies naturally.  After some shaping, I will then bring you to the shampoo bowl where I’ll wash, condition, and nourish your hair and scalp as necessary.  I will explain to you what I am doing and why.  I want you to not only embrace your curls, but to become an expert in caring for your own hair.  There are countless conditions and situations that can arise with curly hair, so your care will be completely specific to you and your hair.

Once your hair is washed, I will set your hair, so it can dry naturally and then add some detail work to your cut.  You can leave the salon with your hair completely natural, or if you’d like a cute style for the day, we can do that too.