Detroit Design Ball Fashion Show

Our theme was Vampires.  The Design Ball was part of Eastern Market After Dark in Detroit’s Eastern Market.  It was a blast, and everyone looked great! Clothes were provided by Kelly Lynne, Fotoula Lambros, and Nordstrom.  Special thanks to the make up artists, Jamez for the dope tunes, and to The Grasshopper Underground for allowing all 40 of us to get ready in your club!  The show attracted some really great people, and we’re already planning our next event for Ann Arbor.

Photos in no particular order by Jordan Buzzy, Davide Anderson, and Kevin Fulton with some snaps by myself. Clothing by Kelly Lynne and Fotoula Lambros Design.

img_1816 img_1820











Gorgeous Look for 2015

These absolutely gorgeous photos are our latest look for Grateful Dreads!
Graciously modeled by Ling Ling Chen
Hair by Sandy
Make up by Melissa Keryn
Clothing by Fo2la
Photos by Mike Frieseman



Thanks again to the amazing team. Good good GOOD VIBES!!! xoxoxoxo!

All photos are under copyright 2015. Please do not reproduce without prior written permission.

Shooting with Fotoula’s New Clothing Line

I was recently so fortunate to have some of Fotoula’s newest collection in the salon.  I am in the process of setting up a boutique area for clothing in the salon that will feature Fotoula Lambros Designs among other lines.










At first glance, Fotoula’s clothes do not appear to be what they actually are.  What I loved most was to watch the models get to know Fotoula’s clothing.  These designs are so fabulous and functional!  Fotoula’s designs are unlike anything from this area.  They are more like clothing I see from NYC or Europe!

I love all of these photos!  There are four short sequences of photos that are all very different.  All of the clothing is from Fotoula’s newest collection, and all of the hair is by me!  The photos were all taken by me except the first one which was taken by my husband backstage at a Detroit fashion show.  What a crazy fun time we had!!  The outdoor sequence was in a small town West of Ann Arbor taken on one of the last beautiful Fall days this year.  The third sequence were taken inside the salon of a good friend and long-time client immediately following her hair appointment!  The indoor photos really inspired me to invest in photo lighting…  The last two photos on this page were taken outside the salon in between clients.  Look at this young woman’s beautiful dreadlocks and hair wraps!!  I especially love how this dress of Fotoula’s has a soft flowy hood!

Ling Ling in June

I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with Ling Ling, a beautiful and friendly, extremely talented model.  These are the photos from of our first session in June:







I took these photos myself using my new Nikon except for the last photo which was taken by Davide Anderson.  It’s a lot of fun to have a camera again!  Since I am building my photography equipment, I have really enjoyed using the natural light rather than having to buy a lot of lighting all at once.  This day was June 22 around 2pm, so the light couldn’t get any better!

The beautiful jewelry you see was made by Larissa Rubel for Ling Ling.  I enjoyed spending the day with Larissa because she is very very chic and fun to talk to!  The pink necklace you see is made from Mother of Pearl.  Larissa collects rare gems and beads and makes them into this beautiful jewelry!

Melissa Keryn did Ling Ling’s make up.  Melissa has really become a star!  I love working with you Melissa and look forward to our next session!  You are so talented!

I designed Ling Ling’s hair in the first style to look like one of my favorite fairies.  The second style was to simply show off her gorgeous hair!  I was very inspired by the wide part of the river in these shots which is why I chose this location.

The Tie dye shirt was made by Fotoula Lambros including the custom dye pattern.  You can find more of Fotoula’s work on her webpage

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos!  We had a great time making them!

Back On!

So thankful right now to be back to blogging again!  Thank you so much to my dear friend who worked very hard recovering this page.  I have about a year’s worth of pictures to post!

Ryan’s Beautiful Hair!

Ryan is a beautiful and classy young woman.  She recently decided to cut out her relaxer and wear her hair natural!  Congrats Ryan!  I’m so happy to be part of this change!  Ryan is really going to enjoy not having to chemically treat her hair anymore.  It’s been most of her life since she’s seen her natural texture.

Relaxed hair BEFORE
Fresh cut!
Classy and luxurious!
This smile says it all!

Thank you so much Ryan!


Extensions, Dreads, and Friends at Grateful Dreads!

Sylvan’s fusion extensions are so beautiful!
Sylvan looks happy. I love her new wavy hair!
I added red extensions to Mary’s dreads for her scary Halloween party!
Laura looks good!
Lily came back for more dreads!
AJ is super stylish with his gorgeous dreadlocks!
AJ’s 6 month old dreads from the back
Kaitlyn and Alex hanging out. I love friends!
Me and my Boo! <3

Beautiful Mermaid Hair That Escaped the Rat’s Nest Monster!

Brittany’s hair was in pretty bad shape when she arrived.
2 1/2 hours later I had it looking nice! I preserved her two dreads by wrapping them with pretty colors and with hand blown glass beads!
Fatty dread with a fatty glass bead blown by Chad Gritz BITD
Another beautiful bead by Chad hanging from Brittany’s new rasta colored hair wrap!
Beautiful Mermaid Hair!
A fun family! You may recognize them from the charging station at local festivals!

Thank you Brittany!  It was fun doing your hair and meeting your family!  Peace!


Gabi’s Curly Hair Photos by Mike Frieseman

We recently got together at Grateful Dreads to do a cool curly set on Gabi’s hair for some pictures with Mike Frieseman. My vision was a bunch of tiny, bouncey curls. Thousands of them! Vanu and I wrapped all of her hair in a tiny spiral set on some custom rollers that Greg and I made. Before wrapping her hair, I put some jewel toned blue/green color on her dreads underneath her hair which we all loved!

Please enjoy these beautiful pictures of Gabi by Mike Frieseman:







Thank you to everyone involved with this shoot!

Dreads, Reds, and Super Thick Hair!

Jen’s new color and temporary dreadlocks!
Temporary dreads using only styling products. No backcombing or wax!
Jordan is supercool!
Hunter’s dreads are looking so nice! It’s been around 7 months since we put them in!
Esther Campbell is in Heaven on Earth with all of the red shades!
Tomomi came to Grateful Dreads for a cut and style on her super thick and wavy hair.
This is Tomomi after the cut and some easy styling tips!

Behind the Scenes, Gabi’s Spiral Hair Shoot

Gabi is such an amazing model and an amazing person.  We had a lot of fun with this shoot!

I set Gabi’s hair to be super curly!
A cool looking curly set designed to give lots of small spiral curls.
Getting ready for photoshoots at Grateful Dreads!
Gabi and Mike shooting in Mike’s studio
A snap shot of Gabi’s hair once we took out the rollers. So Curly!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for the fun day, and especially to Gabi for letting me do this extensive set on your hair.  And thanks to Vanu for helping!!!