In light of recent developments, it’s important to us at the salon to strongly represent our allyship to the black community and to all others who are affected by white supremacy and other forms of corporate and patriarchal oppression. We are dedicated to anti-racism and to end sexism and other forms of discrimination in our culture. We are also advocates for queer, non-binary, and transgender rights and equality. Everyone in the salon is personally interested in and required to learn about allyship and anti-racism. We are all learning and would love to have you join us on our journey.

We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, and any other forms of oppression. Including oppression over yourself.

I want to explicitly express that if you are racist or elude to being racist, you will be forced to leave. Yes forced. I will absolutely not tolerate people pretending they are not racist while acting overtly racist. This is a multiracial salon with a focus on natural textures and haircare. We are all happy here with each other and do not need visits of racism, racial bias, and implied bias.

We at the salon believe that people can be who they want and be attracted to whomever they want regardless of sexuality or gender. LGBTQ+ are all welcome here and frequent the salon. If this bothers you, please don’t come.