We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, and any other forms of oppression. Including oppression over yourself. If you are gay or trans or curious or any combination, you are welcome and safe in the salon. We welcome you and appreciate you and RESPECT you!

I want to explicitly express that if you are racist or elude to being racist, you will be forced to leave. Yes forced. I will absolutely not tolerate people pretending they are not racist while acting racist. This includes political insensitivity. This is a multiracial salon with a focus on natural textures and haircare. We are all happy here with each other and do not need visits of racism, racial bias, and implied bias.

Gender is a construct. However you feel or want to present yourself, whether you’ve chosen it all along, were born that way, or are just trying it out, you are welcome to be yourself here. We are all happily respectful of your pronouns, and gay/trans is part of the culture of Grateful Dreads. LGBTQ+ are all welcome here and frequent the salon. If this bothers you, don’t come.