Reiki Energy Movement


Jing Qi Shen or Mind Body Spirit

One initiates the next, and they develop into balance bringing your highest potential to life.

Movement is essential for healing and growth.

I am certified in Reiki and have practiced actively since 2006. It’s something I enjoy that is relaxing and effective. Meditation is key. I’m here to help you move any stagnant energy or remove blockages in your Qi (Chi). I read about, discuss with other practitioners, and practice moving energy all the time. It’s a passion of mine, and I’ve developed my intuition to a point where I am helping others with Reiki.

I facilitate energy clearings constantly in the salon.  It really goes with the work I do on hair.  The effects are amazing.  Clearing doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.  I use gentleness and authenticity to help you shed what you need safely.

When you come for your Reiki session, you’ll have complete privacy and comfort in our Zen room. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and confident. I can help you will your positive thoughts into existence and release and deflect negative attachments from others.

Im new to advising with ancestral and past-life Karma. It’s very intense healing that can go as far as you’ll let it. It’s very intense. I’m happy to talk with you and give guidance if/when you become ready.

I am so happy to offer this service at the salon. Please inquire with any questions you may have.

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