All products at Grateful Dreads are animal friendly and use earth friendly packaging and ingredients.  Ingredients are vegan and organic whenever possible.

Mask Color by Davines
From Parma Italy, this color line creates beautiful hues and is very gentle. It’s a gentle, luxurious line that leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny with natural, gorgeous color! Davines does not test on animals and uses Earth sustainable and biodegadable packaging.

Naturaltech by Davines
Naturaltech is a specialized line of nourishing aromatic shampoos and conditioners.  This luxurious line is wonderful for stressed hair or hair prone to oils.  All of the products in this line smell amazing, and your hair will feel soft, smooth, and bouncy after a treatment with them.  The WellBeing line within this line is especially nice for nourishing maintenance for your hair, and the lavender scented calming shampoo is a perfect pair with the Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner for thick, wavy hair that needs moisture but can be prone to oiliness.  The Energizing system within this line that works great for thinning hair as well.

Essentials by Davines
This line is just what it says.  The essentials for your hair!  The packaging is biodegradable and stylishly minimalistic which adds to the high quality of this Davines line.  The shampoos and conditioners are paired with an additional treatment option for all hair types from baby fine to thick, course, and kinky hair.  The Melu system within this line is perfect for platinum hair, and the Love system is a favorite for most.  All Davines products are cruelty-free and use food-grade packaging and compostable materials.

Alchemic Semi Color by Davines
This is a nice cruelty-free semi-permanent color line for those who like to tone existing color.  This haircolor does not use peroxide or ammonia and lasts for around 12 weeks.

Original Moxie
Made locally for textured hair! These products use all natural ingredients that are organic whenever possible to nourish curly and kinky hair and keep it looking gorgeous! They smell and feel amazing!  Original Moxie is growing!  Visit their store in Ypsilanti or view online at

Knotty Boy Dread Products
I love these dreads products.  The tightening gel smells like limes and is really nice for new dreads/locs.  I also use it to retwist new growth on palm rolled dreads/locs.  They have a nice cooling spray and a great line of bar soap that people really love including a bar for fresh locks.  Knotty Boy is located in Vancouver, Canada and uses organic and sustainably gathered ingredients.  They are also animal free.

I love these products so much.  They smell delicious, and they really work!  The women at Dollylocks are extremely friendly and love what they do.  I enjoy the limited edition products they develop for trending dreadheads on social media.  We carry their liquid shampoos, bar soap shampoos, tightening sprays, and refreshing sprays which smell like candy and gum and incense, depending on the flavor you choose.  The bar soaps are also the only dreads shampoo I can find that contains sea salt which is really good for locking hair.  These products are all organic and cruelty-free.

Kevin Murphy
A luxurious line of products from Australia, this line uses pure essential oils and flower extracts to nourish your hair and your soul. These products come in biodegradable packaging and are certified by PETA.  A very stylish and conscientious line.  This line has its own following which is understandable once you’ve experienced these washes, rinses, and styling products.  Fun and effective!

Keune Semi
This is a semi-permanent color line from the Netherlands.  I am so happy to have found this line due to their specialized technology for double-pigment red tones!  This line is cruelty-free and uses eco-consciousness which makes it a nice addition to Grateful Dreads’ color lines.  This demi color is great for toning, giving darker tones, and for covering grey hair.  Your hair will be very shiny and smooth after using this color because it also acts as a treatment for your hair.

These fantastic hair extensions actually come from Italy. The hair is very soft, and the colors are beautiful! The bonds are made of keratin, the protein found in hair, and they last a long time. A true luxury, this beautiful hair maintains its color, quality, and shape and can be styled as regular hair.  Swarovski Crystal hair extensions are now available through SoCap!

Princess and Oscar K Human Hair Extensions

I use this beautiful, soft hair to create custom extensions right in the salon! The hair is high quality and looks and feels very natural. When installed as loose hair, these extensions can be styled as regular hair.  The Oscar K hair is absolutely the best hair for human hair dreads/locs extensions.

Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo

This gem has been with Grateful Dreads since day 1 and continues to be our favorite product for washing dreads and locs.  It’s a lovey organic cleansing shampoo that leaves your hair and scalp tingly and fresh!

Magic Weiser Pine Tar Soap
This is another great product that we’ve had in-salon since the very beginning.  Magic Weiser is made locally and is extremely conscious and cruelty-free.  The Pine Tar Soap is great for any skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and even poison ivy.  It can be used on your hair and body.  The Pine Tar soap is great for dandruff and removes wax which makes it a favorite for lots of dreads.