Asian Hair


Asian hair has its own focal points and specific needs.  Most Asian hair is very straight and resistant to color or texture and very very thick. I believe the key to a wonderful cut for thick, strong hair is to take my time and avoid over texturizing.

I cut Asian hair using many different methods with patience and concentration.  I do most of the cut dry, and I take my time.  Your hair will look better than you’ve ever seen it look!  It becomes softer and lighter looking and very shiny!  Deep conditioners at the shampoo bowl nourish dry hair to make it healthy, bouncy, and shiny!

Most Asian hair is very smooth and resistant to color.  Depending on the heritage, however, the hair can be extremely delicate.  There are different methods to use that will give desired color results without burning or destroying the hair’s structure.

I really love styling this thick and often heavy hair.  I love to make it shiny and movable!