Shooting with Fotoula’s New Clothing Line

I was recently so fortunate to have some of Fotoula’s newest collection in the salon.  I am in the process of setting up a boutique area for clothing in the salon that will feature Fotoula Lambros Designs among other lines.










At first glance, Fotoula’s clothes do not appear to be what they actually are.  What I loved most was to watch the models get to know Fotoula’s clothing.  These designs are so fabulous and functional!  Fotoula’s designs are unlike anything from this area.  They are more like clothing I see from NYC or Europe!

I love all of these photos!  There are four short sequences of photos that are all very different.  All of the clothing is from Fotoula’s newest collection, and all of the hair is by me!  The photos were all taken by me except the first one which was taken by my husband backstage at a Detroit fashion show.  What a crazy fun time we had!!  The outdoor sequence was in a small town West of Ann Arbor taken on one of the last beautiful Fall days this year.  The third sequence were taken inside the salon of a good friend and long-time client immediately following her hair appointment!  The indoor photos really inspired me to invest in photo lighting…  The last two photos on this page were taken outside the salon in between clients.  Look at this young woman’s beautiful dreadlocks and hair wraps!!  I especially love how this dress of Fotoula’s has a soft flowy hood!

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