Ling Ling in June

I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with Ling Ling, a beautiful and friendly, extremely talented model.  These are the photos from of our first session in June:







I took these photos myself using my new Nikon except for the last photo which was taken by Davide Anderson.  It’s a lot of fun to have a camera again!  Since I am building my photography equipment, I have really enjoyed using the natural light rather than having to buy a lot of lighting all at once.  This day was June 22 around 2pm, so the light couldn’t get any better!

The beautiful jewelry you see was made by Larissa Rubel for Ling Ling.  I enjoyed spending the day with Larissa because she is very very chic and fun to talk to!  The pink necklace you see is made from Mother of Pearl.  Larissa collects rare gems and beads and makes them into this beautiful jewelry!

Melissa Keryn did Ling Ling’s make up.  Melissa has really become a star!  I love working with you Melissa and look forward to our next session!  You are so talented!

I designed Ling Ling’s hair in the first style to look like one of my favorite fairies.  The second style was to simply show off her gorgeous hair!  I was very inspired by the wide part of the river in these shots which is why I chose this location.

The Tie dye shirt was made by Fotoula Lambros including the custom dye pattern.  You can find more of Fotoula’s work on her webpage

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos!  We had a great time making them!

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